devolo EasyClean

devolo EasyClean

devolo EasyClean deletes unwanted data in the Internet Explorer and hard disk.
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devolo EasyClean is basically a software capable of deleting unwanted archived data in the Internet Explorer. It can delete cookies, temporary Internet files, list of recent files etc.
This program is a simple and efficient tool that sets clearly defined limits just with the help of a few mouse-clicks in a moment. It provides space on hard disk and security while surfing, and also relieves surf-stressed computers from all extra ballast in a very efficient manner. It can delete cookies that are basically information written to the system file while surfing some Internet sites.
This utility serves information about internet visits, but while surfing different sites at a time these information files can become very large and simply waste the hard-disk space, so devolo EasyClean deletes them.
Internet Explorer also stores lists with unnecessary information about recently opened documents and recently visited web addresses, but devolo EasyClean searches and deletes them.
Moreover, while filling online forms, browser remembers the information and stores it, but EasyClean ensures that this information isn’t deposited on your system’s hard disk.
So overall, it is a good way of cleaning up unwanted things from the hard-drive and ensuring protection as well.

Luis Sanchez
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Discontinued by the developer.

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  • Saves the system’s hard disk memory


  • Compatibility with only Internet Explorer
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